• Tammy Ewing Korecky

Where memories live.

I must confess, the wedding ceremony is my main focus when I have the honor of working with a couple. Making sure all the little bits are lovingly curated, from the timing of the music, to the decor, to presentation of the bride as she begins her ascent toward her groom.....sigh!

The experience of the guest is just as important at the ceremony. I want them to feel comfortable and enveloped in the same way they feel when they visit the couple's home - a sense of familiarity. The touch of the paper goods and the fabrics, followed by the fragrance of the flowers and candles provide the mood and invoke feelings of nostalgia. When guests arrive I want memories of the couple, together or individually, to come flooding back. Later on when they smell that particular scent or touch that particular texture - to be reminded of this amazing day.

The goosebump factor is what I work toward. I want this once-in-a-lifetime moment to be exactly that, once-in-a-lifetime. An exquisite memory held fondly by everyone in attendance but most importantly for my newlyweds.

I hear all the time, no one remembers what the invitation looks like or which flowers were in the bouquet and while that is probably true, it is all of these little details, combined, that create a feeling. And in that feeling- well, that is where the memory of this most spectacular day, lives.

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