• Tammy Ewing Korecky

Wedding DNA

I think there is a misconception that only girls dream of their weddings when they are little. I'm finding more and more men confess they often thought about getting married while growing up and what they wanted that day to like.

Early on in my career, many of the men who would attend our first planning sessions would do so only to appease their fiance. They had the general disposition of "just tell me when and what I need to wear". Their biggest concerns were total cost and specific alcohol requests. This wasn't a bad thing unless his fiance wanted his involvement or opinion.

Wonderfully this is becoming a thing of the past. I am seeing so many men express themselves in a way that makes all of the wedding events more reflective of the couple as a whole.

As I begin to work with a couple, I like to hear the stories of how they met, their engagement and what they see for their future. This allows me to find, what elite wedding planner Colin Cowie calls, the couples DNA. A fusion of the couple's style, personalities and sensibilities. Just as in the biological sense, the couple's DNA provides me with a road map to create the most memorable day that is solely reflective of them.

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