• Tammy Ewing Korecky

The Best Part About Weddings In 2020

I have been asked a lot if weddings are still happening this year. I reply, “Of course”. The next question I’m asked is “Why? Couples aren’t having real weddings are they?”

Well heck ya, they are.

Weddings during a pandemic certainly look different but that’s all. The guest list is a bit shorter and the caterer doesn’t have to work quite as hard but the result is still the same. A beautiful, starry-eyed, love-struck couple with a hopeful view of their future, still make the commitment to love, honor and cherish each other, til departed by....well, you know how it goes. (I don’t wanna jinx anyone.) And isn’t that the whole point?

My couples are wanting all the details to genuine mean something, not only for themselves but also for their closest friends and family, who are the only attendees. They are making sure everyone one feels a part of the marriage. The vows are more intimate, the songs, the food, the venues- all of it. But weddings during this pandemic, in my opinion, have changed for the better. There’s some real discernment regarding decision to marry and the understanding of a what commitment means. How it’s not just an obligatory next step in the relationship.

The best part of all of this- I think

these couples will stand the test of time.

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