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Planning & Re-planning during a Pandemic

We are in socially uncertain times which is already stressful. Now add planning a wedding to it! That's a whole new level of stress to be under. I wish I could say I had ALL the answers for you. Sadly, I don't, but I do have a few. Here are 5 of the most asked questions about planning or re-planning a wedding during a pandemic.

Should we still have the wedding but try to socially distance and follow the suggested protocol for safety?

Getting married is a celebration and meant to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and celebrations are joyful, full of hugs, kisses, dancing, laughing and enjoying one-another's company. Concern of getting sick or infecting others isn't something you should be thinking about when you are attending a wedding let alone your own wedding. No one wants you to look back on your wedding with regret because it just wasn't fun because you had to wave at your guests from 6 feet away.

My suggestion is to postpone. Find a date a bit further out which would allow enough time for things to begin to normalize and allow you to fully experience all the fun and excitement you dreamed of.

Should we go ahead and have a legal wedding?

If getting married on that specific day is just a must... DO IT! Plan the celebration a few months later so that all your loved ones can attend without worry or concern about their health or that of others. You'll cut the cake, throw the bouquet and have your first dance and it will be just as magical as you'd hoped just a little later in the year.

If we postpone our wedding, will I get my deposits back?

The hard truth is, probably not. They didn't see this coming either. Many times they've also put a lot of time into your event and incurred costs that they too, won't have an opportunity to recoup.

Give your vendors an opportunity to work with you on finding a new date, so that you are working with the same vendors and creative contributors you had loved from the beginning. Many of the vendors are doing what they can to be accommodating with new dates and transferring deposits. They have compassion for the circumstances we all find ourselves in.

Next, talk to your wedding planner. Be open about your concerns. I'm sure there is a solution that will check all the boxes for an amazing wedding a little later in the year.

Should I rethink my destination wedding?

Deciding to have a destination wedding was a big decision, as it would allow you to spend several days, rather than a single day of quality time, in an amazing location, with a smaller group who mean the most to you, for one of the best days of your life. That doesn't have to change. However, when the magical day happens does.

A lot of travel has been suspended, especially for anything out of the country. Talk to your family and the guests who are planning to attend, come up with a few dates which could best work for event. Then call your wedding planner and then your travel professional to discuss the different options and requirements to make your big day happen several months later. Most resorts, hotels and airlines are offering to transfer deposits or providing vouchers to help their guests. Honestly, after the craziness from this pandemic, you are going to be really ready to head to paradise with your partner and the people who matter most to you.

How do I tell everyone that we've changed wedding date?

Technology is a great thing, especially during a pandemic. Get on your wedding website, wedding social media page, email and cell phone...get the word out! Keep in mind not all of your older guests utilize technology the way you do so you will need to follow up in the same manner in which you invited all your guests. Design a new wedding invitation with the updated details, such as the new date and time. Be sure to include any changes to room blocks, transportation availability or venue location. (there are a lot of budget friendly options for a second invitation)

Talk to your wedding planner about the new time table to be sure you've got everything covered.

Remember, your professional wedding planner and other vendors are experts. They have a lot of experience and creativity to deal with the unexpected. They'll help make this the best experience possible.

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