• Tammy Ewing Korecky

Lights! Camera! Wedding!

Since the beginning of time there have been weddings. But boy have they changed from the early years of a family trading livestock or crops or arranged marriages that allowed families to survive to modern day celebrations of love.

These modern wedding can consist a ghastly number of moving parts. All of which need to be fit into the what can only be described as sold out Broadway play. A cast of vendors who've been rehearsing their big entrance

and exit, a support cast of men & women who put together the stage design as well as the costumes and a director to makes sure everything is ready for the big curtain call, or in this instance the walk down the aisle.

Unlike a play, we only have one opportunity to make a wedding memorable.

Lucy Jane Weddings has been practicing and practicing. We can't wait to help you direct your event.

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