• Tammy Ewing Korecky

Important budget Question

Q: I have a limited wedding budget, so what’s the most important area to spend it?

A: There are two pieces of the wedding puzzle that should have priority- The Food and a “Day-of” Wedding planner/coordinator.

The ceremony is the purpose of all the planning yet the reception is the largest chunk of time and includes so many details. So after all the planning, nothing is worse than sitting down to the reception dinner and finding that the food is awful. So take your time in choosing the vendor to provide the catering and insist on a tasting and ask permission to drop in on a live event so that you can confirm the quality and presentation.

A “Day-of” coordinator can be worth their weight in gold. It allows the whole bridal party, including the bride and groom as well as their family to experience this monumental day without rushing, have pre-wedding photos and celebrate all day. The coordinator will deal with the last minutes hiccups like, needing more candles for the tables or the music/entertainment got a little lost and needs new directions. Your day of coordinator takes all the details you planned and makes it all come together. Basically a “Day-of” coordinator gives you back your wedding day.

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