• Tammy Ewing Korecky

I Love Weddings

My deepest desire is to help every couple have the day they envisioned the moment they became engaged!

I want to help you find the the florist that can provide the ceremony flowers you found on Pinterest. I want to help you lick the stamps for the 300 invitations that are being sent out this week! I want to be the person who calls the limo company because they are 30 seconds late and you’ll get a little freaked and call Grandma in a panic to come pick up you and 6 bridesmaids with her 2003 Ford Focus.

I want to be the person who reminds you that an outdoor wedding is beautiful and you won’t be jinxed because we talk about a back up plan just in case Mother Nature gets a little emotional that day.

I want to be the person who dives to save your dress before it is shut in the door of the limo. I want to be the person who has a safety pin ready when one of the ring bearers pops the button on his tuxedo coat and is crying uncontrollably because it’s ruined.

I want to be the person who misses seeing you cut the cake so I can clean up a spilled drink before one of your guests accidentally turns it into a slip and slide.

I want to be the person who’s running to the liquor store because your signature cocktail was a bigger hit than we could have imagined and we suddenly need more tequila.

i want to be the person who watches her new friends say their vows to one another, from the back row because I‘m your wedding planner....because I love weddings.

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