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A little Q & A

I am often asked questions about planning a wedding so I thought I share a few of the most common and my response.

Q. If I hire a planner for my wedding, do I still get to pick the things I want?

A. Absolutely! Hiring a wedding planner actually give you more options that you even imagined. If you can dream it, I can find it for you. Honestly, a wedding planner allows you to enjoy the process and not stress over appointments and lists.

Q. Don't you only plan weddings with really big budgets?

A. I believe that every wedding should have a wedding planner even if it’s just to consult with the couple from time to time. Lucy Jane Weddings Even offers a month by month subscription. this allows you to bring in a planner when your budget allows for it.

Q. Do I have to invite kids to my wedding?

A. No, you don't. The most polite way of doing this is simply to be specific as to whom the invitation is extended. I would not recommend using an E-vite or any other type of virtual invitation as there is too much room for miscommunication.

Q. Do we have to send invitations? Can we invite everyone by email or on social media?

A. Invitations have really evolved in the last 10 years. You can use email, social media, wedding pages or websites. However I don't recommend this being the only manner of inviting your friends and family. Sending a paper invitation is best especially for your older guests. You can request your guests RSVP electronically or find the full details by going to a website or a social media page in the body of mailed invitation.

Q. I'm trying to keep my costs down, do we have to have an open bar?

A. When you are trying to get more bang out of your buck, offer a limited open bar. Select a cocktail, a beer and a wine but all other spirits would be at the guest expense. Normally non-alcoholic beverages are included in your normal catering costs.

Q. Our guest list is getting out of control. Do we have to invite every family member we have?

A. Scaling back a guest list can be the most difficult situation in the planning process. My suggestion is to invite only those who, wether family or friend, that will support and celebrate your marriage in the years to come. If there are family members who don’t fit into that category, sit down with your parents and explain how you feel. But keep in mind, if they don’t make the wedding day list, they cannot be invited to the engagement or bridal showers as those are event have a gifting emphasis and it could be considered rude.

Q. I hate the "Chicken Dance"! I can ban specific music from my wedding, right?

A. Weddings are a celebration. And while some of your guests might not have your taste in music, it's best to allow music that will appeal to all your guests. Most songs are only two and a half minutes long, and then it's over and you’ve made your guest happy. The crazy thing is, sometimes those annoying songs end up being the biggest fun for everyone.

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